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Why business record keeping is essential?

  • Work out your business income and expenses, see how your business is performing

  • Provide the basis for sound business decision making 

  • Manage your cash flow

  • Demonstrate your business’s financial position to lenders, suppliers, accountants and prospective buyers

  • Complete and lodge your tax returns and activity statements 

  • The ATO requires records to be kept, generally for 5 years

However, the reality is...

It just takes too much time!

No idea...

Just thinking about it is a headache already.

I'm already busy enough to manage the core business activities. 

How can I provide all the records to my accountant for tax preparation?

Where can I store all the paper receipts and documents for five years? 

Where are they now?

I don't know where the documents are.


We maximise efficiency utilising latest cloud software

Data Cloud

Benefits of online accounting system

  • Time saving - Records can be easy to search and easy to create filling systems for

  • Automation - a lot of manual data entries can be automated

  • Accessibility - access anytime anywhere online

  • Simultaneous access with different users (business manager, accountant, bookkeeper)

  • It is easy to create additional copies

  • Electronic records require less physical storage space than paper records

  • Online backup - safer from physical loss or damage (e.g. theft, flood or fire) 

  • Electronic copies of records are now generally accepted by government departments such as ATO and ASIC

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